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May 22, 2014
Only in Williamsburg?

The convenience of having a cvs down the street is great, we love convenience, we are New Yorkers after all. But what about the old pharmacy where maybe you couldn’t always find your preferred brand of vegan organic cough drops, but the girl at the cash wrap knew your name, and would recognize you strolling down Kent your way to work in the morning.

This is New York, things come and go.
Change is not only inevitable but part of the allure of this amazing, dynamic city!
However, as Williamsburg rents skyrocket to numbers that can make us physically ill,
the neighborhood landscape becomes slightly unrecognizable.

The family that runs the deli on the corner, perfectly mixing my mayo and mustard on BOTH sides of the roll, just for me (I know what I like ok) is pushed out to make way for a new Sandro or Urban Outfitters.
When the only businesses that CAN afford to move in to our amazing fantastic neighborhood that we love oh so much, are giant corporations with big bucks and glassy store fronts, we quickly lose all that is quirky and unique and one of a kind about our wburg hood.

We are currently mourning the loss of our Williamsburg charm which was, is, and could have been.