Merch Mission

A&G Merch is a Brooklyn based home furnishings store. In March of 2006 we opened our first store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (NYC) with the idea of supplying our growing urban neighborhood with unique, high quality, affordable furnishings.

The mission of A&G Merch is to ensure that our customers never have to shop at a “one size fits all” big-box retailer. We never want our customers to hear the words “did you get that at…..”. Our pieces will represent your personality and design aesthetic, not ours. Isn’t that what your home should be?

In the fall of 2011 we opened our first west coast location in San Francisco, CA. Again we wanted to provide an up and coming neighborhood with a high quality, good value home furnishings store that you could visit time and time again and always see something new. On both coasts and on the interweb, A&G Merch strives to bring an urban, youthful energy to all our products. We have an ever-changing collection of utilitarian objects ranging from couches to candlesticks, each with a uniquely urban personality.